Curtains & Blinds

All of our curtains are totally bespoke with handmade headings, interlining and lining. This will give your curtains the best possible hang and look.

Also our blinds are made to measure and will fit perfectly to any window.

We can help you source your fabrics from our wide collection - Click Here
If you already have what you need, we would be happy to use our clients own fabrics

We offer our services online and we will guide you through every step to make things as simple as possible.
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Here are some examples of our handmade curtains and blinds


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Poles, Trims, Tassels and Tiebacks

To Make your Handmade Curtains extra special we have a lovely collection of handcrafted poles from Jones Interiors as well as some beautiful Trims and Tiebacks. These are essential to finish a look and to give your Curtains the added Wow factor!

To see our full range please visit our suppliers page or for more information please contact us

Picture taken by Jones Interiors

Hardwick Antique Gold 40mm Pole with Woven Rope Finial

Picture taken by Jones Interiors

Grande Putty 63mm Pole with Acanthus Finial

Picture taken by Jones Interiors